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Our Team


Marybeth Delay

Marybeth is Dr. Shelnutt’s medical assistant. She is married to her husband Kris, and has one son, Luke, who is 11 years old. She stays busy with church, movies, Boy Scouts and spending time with her family and friends. One fun fact about Marybeth is that she loves to cut the grass! Her husband is not allowed to even sit on her lawn mower.


Brianna Martin

Bri coordinates scheduling and billing at Shelnutt Gynecology. She loves spending all of her free time with her three children, Cade, Mia, and Tristan, and their dog, Doc. As a family they enjoy playing soccer, watching Mia do gymnastics, and anything outdoors.


Katrina Hantus

Katrina is Dr. Shelnutt's personal assistant. She is married to her husband Richard. They have two children, a daughter named April and a son named Matthew. They have three amazing grandchildren and a dog named Prudence. Katrina loves spending time with her wonderful family and being outdoors working in the yard.


Chloe Henderson

Chloe is our front office receptionist. Chloe attends the University of North Georgia and studies psychology. She plans on getting her bachelors and then going to PA school. Chloe enjoys vacationing, watching movies that she has already seen numerous times, and photography.


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