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NovaSure®: Lighten Your Period Without Hormones

Women who experience heavy menstrual bleeding know just how uncomfortable the condition can be. In fact, one in five women suffer from the condition, so you’re not alone. At the offices of Judson Shelnutt, MD, we have years of experience in providing comprehensive care for you and your reproductive system. That’s why we’re proud to offer you a treatment that doesn’t require the use of hormones. 

If you’re done having children, NovaSure® could be the solution for your heavy periods. Read on to learn more and to find out if you’re a candidate for this safe and effective procedure.  

What’s causing your heavy periods?

Heavy periods, also called abnormal uterine bleeding, mean that you experience heavy or long periods of bleeding over the course of your menstrual cycles. There are a couple of different things that can be causing your heavy periods, including:



While the above are the more common causes, there are other, more serious, conditions that can cause heavy bleeding, like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), thyroid disease, liver disease, kidney disease, and certain bleeding disorders. So, it’s important to make an appointment with us if you notice excessive bleeding. 

How NovaSure helps

Women who have abnormal bleeding miss about 1.5 days of work or school per cycle. That’s a lot of days! And, 60% of women say that it impacts their social lives. Heavy periods can be a serious problem, and they do hinder your social life and overall quality of life.

Fortunately, with NovaSure there is a solution. We use the NovaSure machine to ablate or remove, the lining of your uterus. NovaSure works by delivering quick bursts of radiofrequency energy to your uterine lining, safely removing it. 

The benefits of NovaSure

NovaSure doesn’t require the invasiveness of a hysterectomy or the potential side effects of hormone therapy. It’s also incredibly convenient, taking only five minutes to complete. It’s effective, too, reducing the flow of your periods and usually eliminating your period entirely. 

Is NovaSure for me?

NovaSure is not a good option for all women. You should not consider NovaSure if you want to get pregnant. However, you can still conceive after the procedure, which can be dangerous, so you’ll want to start or remain on birth control. 

NovaSure is also not for those who have uterine cancer or an active pelvic infection. 

If heavy periods have taken over your life, NovaSure could be the right solution to help you resume your normal life. Call us or make an appointment on our website today. 

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